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Star Trek Discussions

Plus: Questions, Meta, Rants, Raves, and Humor too!

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Meta, questions & discussions revolving around the Star Trek Universe and everything in it
General Rule/Purpose: This Comm is meant to be a catalyst for dialog within the Fandom. Meta, discussions and questions are all welcome. Authors and artists seeking information to help them create their Fanworks are also welcome! :D Anything that isn't FanFiction, FanArt, FanMix, FanVid, etc is allowed! I'm totally not picky. ^^

THIS IS A LINK TO THE POST WHICH HAS LINKS TO IMPORTANT MOD ENTRIES: such as the one explaining the tagging system!

Have you ever seen a post on the Star Trek Fanfic communities that starts out: “I'm not sure if this is appropriate, so if not please delete it. I have some questions...” or similar?

Have you ever wanted input from your fellow writers/Trek fans about something in Star Trek or on something you're working on in your fic - but weren't sure where to post it?

Do you wonder about:
Starship organization, shuttles, transporters, Federation politics, technical/social/practical aspects of Star Trek?

Do you ask questions like:
Does the Enterprise have janitors?
How did two people from two different species, from two different worlds, in two different solar systems have a kid anyway?!?
What, exactly, does a Yeoman do?
What changes did the Narada make in the Reboot Universe?
Or perhaps you're wondering about things specific to a character?

Have you ever wondered if there was a community you could go to where all these things could find a home?


Post your questions and ramblings here for discussion with your fellow Fandom Geeks!

The Rules are as follows:

1) Please be friendly and considerate. We're doing this for FUN... and because we're geeks!
- I really don't anticipate many problems with this. Our Fandom is full of shiny, happy people looking to have a good time. Overall there haven't appeared to be too many issues along these lines in other communities so I don't expect them here. ^_^

2) What kinds of Posts are appropriate:
- Personal monologues/ramblings/thoughts on various aspects of Star Trek and the universe it exists in. From the serious to the seriously funny, all are welcome. :D
- Questions open for discussion. Having trouble with technical aspects in your fic, need thoughts on aliens, the Prime directive, how shuttles work, wondering if the Enterprise has janitors? Or do you want opinions on character motivation/history/quirks? This is the comm for all that!
- Musings on the Fandom Borg Hive Mind. The creator of tidbits like: Scotty's undying love for sandwiches and the Enterprise, the Pike/George/Winona OT3, Kirk's unlimited allergies, Gaila the engineer, Pike's first ship the Yorktown, Replicators instead of Food Synthesizers, Kirk's abusive childhood, the sweater Spock's mommy made, Scotty's love for beaming random crap up people's asses, etc!
- Links to posts of the first three kinds located in other communities/journals. These things are interesting, and it doesn't really matter how old they are, chances are there are people who haven't seen them and would find them useful. ;)
- Er... Other things along these basic lines? Really, practically anything is allowed as long as it isn't a FanWork (fanfic, fanart etc) of some kind. I'm really pretty open.

3) Tagging:
- Please check out the Tags link on the user info page to see what tags already exist before you make new ones. We don't need two or three tags that mean the same thing. ^^'
- Overall I'd like most of the tags to be fairly general. Like: shuttles, Vulcans, The Federation, Star Fleet, Blue Shirts, Red Shirts, Society, transporters, etc. More specific tags are fine just as long as they aren't uber specific.
- This is a basic journal (as I'm sure most of us don't want to deal with adds loading, yakking at us etc) so we've got 1,000 potential tags. I don't really see us needing that many. Should our tags need pruning I reserve the right to edit all tags and will alter the tags on effected entries.

4) Linking:
- Linking to posts (old or new) on other communities is encouraged and welcomed! Please remember a couple of guidelines:
- If the post is located on another community journal and you link to it here please leave a comment on the post saying that you have rec'd it on this lovely site. (Because pimp-age is awesome. But also so the poster will know what's going on if new readers decide to throw in their two cents on an older discussion post ^_^)
- If you link to a Meta/etc post on a Personal Journal that doesn't belong to you, please ask the journal owner's permission before linking to it. :D

Edit: Please do not post advertisements on this site. This site is meant to facilitate dialog and serve as an information resource.

Thanks for reading The Rules and have FUN! ^__^

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